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    And I will show you a still more excellent way. - 1 Corinthians 12.31

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    Some forms of Christianity will remain desperately loyal to the old machinery, thinking it’s as good as it gets. Other forms of Christianity will seek to repair the harm the old machinery has done and participate in the building of a new way of life that is truly regenerative.

    You can be part of the Christian wing of this regenerative meta-movement if you so desire.

    Or you can participate as part of some other wing. Wherever you invest your life, I hope it will be in this larger movement laboring for the birth of something new.  

    -- Brian D. McLaren, Do I Stay Christian? (p. 191). St. Martin's Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.
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    In your spiritual or inner life... DO YOU HAVE Questions? Doubts? UNMET inner Yearnings? Have you ever wondered "There's GOT to be MORE!?"

    If so, you've come to the right place!  

    Here at Return to Eden we invite everyone to join a journey into deeper, more joyful, and more INTIMATE relationships ... with GOD, with YOURSELF, and with OTHERS!

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    Return to Eden is an in-depth program of spiritual awakening for souls that are ready to grow beyond the confines of "traditional" Christianity as we have created it, by advocating an intentional, radical shift in the narratives we choose to define our relationship with the Divine.

    When we shift ourspiritual focus from toxic belief systems built around the ideas of sinand separation to narratives rooted in concepts of eternal blessing and unconditional love, we end up "rewriting"the core program that defines the nature of our connection with the Divine Heart. We believe this radical shift innarratives is the primary force driving the evolutionary process we are currently experiencing as spiritualbeings, and it is the womb from which new spiritual communities arebeing birthed. Return to Eden classes are offered twice a year for those who are longing to discover and practice -.a more excellentway" of experiencing the Divine Dance.


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    WHAT IF much of what you've been taught doesn't ring true anymore...is outdated...is an illusion...or just plain wrong?

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    24 Soul-Stirring AFFIRMATIONS for Joy and Meditation

    In color - stick 'em up on your fridge!

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    Fr. Richard Rohr on Your "TRUE SELF"

    from Immortal Diamond

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